Kitchens are Getting Smarter!

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Refrigerators with built in touchscreens, ovens you can turn off or change temperature from your phone, coffee makers that can add coffee to your shopping list when you are running low – it seems the advances in smart technology for your kitchen are endless. We can all expect the appliance companies to continue trying to outdo each other in terms of connectivity and convenience, so here are a few of our favorite new ideas on the smart appliance horizon!

The Flexi-Fridge

We all need a little extra freezer space from time to time, but unless you have a separate (and hidden) butler’s pantry, an additional upright or chest style freezer takes up too much space in a modern kitchen, and they are rarely stylish. Queue the Flexi-Fridge! These refrigerators have compartments that can quickly convert from refrigerator to freezer and back again based on your changing needs.  Often presented as an additional drawer in between the lower freezer and upper French doors, you can dial the temp down to freeze extra meat for an upcoming tailgate, then increase the temperature to refrigerator levels again to store the leftovers.

Measureless Mixing

Smart scales such as the Perfect Bake Pro measure your ingredients as you pour, removing the extra step of using a measuring cup or spoon for your flour, milk and vanilla. Search their database of taste-tested recipes so your scale knows what you are making. Then, while you are mixing ingredients, your bowl rests on the scale which alerts you when to stop pouring each item. Built in timers then alert you how long to mix, bake, and then cool your finished product.

Alexa, Cook Me Popcorn

Amazon is slowly reaching into the appliance market, producing their own products rather than simply allowing for WiFi and connected integration. If you purchase an AmazonBasics Microwave, you use voice controls for all of the microwaves functions, and the product is priced similar to other small microwaves on the market. So far only a 700 watt option is available which is too small for most families, but you can go ahead and test out the technology in your basement kitchenette or office.

What’s Next?

Sometimes it’s hard to even imagine what might be on the horizon to make our homes even smarter and more connected. You can look to the annual Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, trade show for some of the ideas that may soon be seen in a kitchen near you. For example, one of the favorites at the 2019 show was the Smart Backsplash, an edge-to-edge touchscreen that allows you to search recipes, watch your favorite cooking show, or leave the screen set to a relaxing nature scene while you are cooking or away.

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