Don’t Forget to Mention THIS When Selling Your Home

Amber Randhawa Homeowner and Homebuyer Tips

Recent renovations and appliance upgrades aren’t the only things to keep in mind when listing your home’s selling points to your real estate agent. There are so many more details you need to make sure buyers are aware of, so don’t let these highly sought after attributes slip your mind when crafting your listing.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s newly built homes are often the picture of energy efficiency and builders and developers know how to wisely market these homes to buyers who are concerned about both the environment and their wallets when it comes to energy costs. But just because you have an older home, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t energy efficiency upgrades to your home that you can also play up in your listing. Have you had new insulation sprayed recently? Made the switch to LED lights? What about your windows? If you have dual pane windows, you can list this as an energy efficient upgrade.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

An upgrade to your home doesn’t have to be a full scale bathroom or kitchen renovation for you to mention it as a selling point. If your roof has been replaced, indicate how young it is as compared to the rest of the house. Mention any flooring updates, and if you’ve renovated attic or storage space into usable square footage. Even a repaved driveway or a new garage door opener is worth mentioning, as these details put a buyers mind at ease when they start thinking about the things they might have to pay for in their new home.

Spotlight on Storage

If the number of storage facilities popping up all over the city tells us anything, it’s that American have either too much stuff or not enough storage space in their homes. So any extra storage spaces you have in your home should be highlighted in your listing. Walk-in closets and pantries, built-in shelving and storage systems in a garage, attic or craft room, even small nooks under staircases are all worth mentioning. This is also the perfect way to take an unfinished space such as an unfinished basement room and make it sound like a positive attribute.

Look Outside Your Home for Extra Advantages

You or your agent have likely already compiled a short list of your subdivision’s features, such as multiple pools, a dog park and tennis courts. But what about amenities in the rest of your community that are located conveniently close to your home? Could children walk to school from where you live? Is there a large state or national park nearby? There is likely at least one unique feature located close enough to your house that you could mention it in your listing as an advantage to living where you live.

Your listing is the best way to grab a buyer’s attention so they can come see how amazing your home is. Don’t leave out any of the little details that can move your house to the top the list!