Don’t Forget to File for Homestead Exemption!

Amber Randhawa Homeowner and Homebuyer Tips

Did you buy a new home in 2019? If so, don’t neglect to file your all-important Homestead Exemption Certificate with your local tax authority. First time Georgia homeowners, and even those who haven’t purchased a new home in several years may have forgotten about this all-important tactic to get a significant discount on their property taxes if the home is their primary residence.  And one you file, the exemption automatically applies every year without any renewal needed.

In order to qualify for the homestead exemption, most metro counties require that you must have purchased and occupied the new home as of January 1st. You must also complete the homestead exemption application for your county by April 1st. When applying for homestead exemption, please note that you will need to have on hand the Tax Parcel ID for the property and proof of residency – meaning you will need to have already had your drivers license and automobile tags switched over to your new address. If your new home is located within city limits, you may also be required to file with the city as well.

For more specific information for your metro Atlanta county, click on the county like below to go directly to your local tax assessor’s office, or call the office number listed to learn more.

Cherokee County – 678-493-6120

Cobb County – 770-528-8600

DeKalb County – 404-298-4000

Fulton County – 404-612-6440

Gwinnett County – 770-822-8800