Decorating for Holidays When You are Selling Your Home

Tiffany Staples Homeowner and Homebuyer Tips, Interior Decorating

To decorate or not to decorate?! If you are in the process of selling your home or considering a sale over a holiday such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, you don’t have to put away your décor just because people are coming into your home. Here are some tips and suggestions for decorating for holidays when selling your home:

  1. Channel your inner minimalist. You typically put up 6 Christmas trees? Try one and get a jump start on packing the rest into boxes for your move. Simple, but beautiful tablescapes or centerpieces on your dining tables are also a festive touch that won’t overwhelm buyers. Minimalist décor is also easier to take down for pictures (you wouldn’t want photos of your home to be dated to a particular season in case it takes a little longer to sell your home) and redecorate once the photos are complete.

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  2. Play up your fireplace mantle. Whether you are decorating for fall or for winter, if your home has a fireplace, that is most likely an appealing feature to a potential homebuyer. Remember to keep your décor minimal. Mix elements that you traditionally use to decorate your home with a few key holiday pieces. Mix sheens (matte vs. metallic) and elements (natural vs. man-made). Wondering about stockings? We say go for it! However… if your stockings are mismatched or looking a little worn, opting for stockings that are all the same color, shape and size will create a more cohesive look.

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  3. Use natural elements.  Natural elements are calming and soothing. Buyers want to feel like they can relax in your home, ultimately enough to call it their new home. Introducing natural elements can accomplish this while allowing you to use them for decorative effect as well. Have your children pick pine cones outside for you and arrange them in a vase on your kitchen table. Use tree branches to create height and balance décor on a mantle or sideboard. Pair whole cranberries and decorative greenery in decorative vases around your home.

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  4. Use subtle, simple scents. Keep the scentsicles far away! Potential homebuyers may have allergies to trees and strong scents – it’s best to introduce scents that are subtle into your home to keep it smelling nice. Soft hints of vanilla and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies are sure to lure buyers in. Just be sure the scent you choose is NOT too strong – it will be a turn off!

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  5. Enjoy your home. You still live there, why not enjoy it?! Although you need to appeal to potential homebuyers with your home, you may still be living at the residence while you are trying to sell. Pick out a few pieces that will fit with the theme of your décor, including pieces that are not overbearing and have members of your family choose their favorite piece to keep in the home for the season. Examples would include a chunky throw that can double as décor, candle sticks that have been used season after season, or even a tree topper that may now rest on the fireplace mantle.